iOS hidden features

In this digital world, many Android users have also been using iPhones. Again, the iPhone has lots of iOS hidden features

Before pointing this out I’ll describe something about iOS :

iPhone comes loaded with hidden features & hacks that can make our Apple device more facile & more enjoyable to use. In my opinion, this exorbitance of little-known features helps make iPhones some of the best devices out there.

Another quick note is that most of these hidden features have been embedded in iOS for a while, so people using older devices should be able to use at least some of them. To ensure we’re all on the same page though, we’ve to ensure the device is up to date by reading our leading on how to upgrade an iPhone. 

Customize the iOS control center

Customizing control points is one iPhone hack that makes life simple evermore. Adding the most likable widgets to the control center allows us to access them with just a simple swipe down, even when the iPhone is locked. This is super proficient when we need a feature right then & there. Music can be recognized as the most useful feature of this device. No more incompetent around home screen folders, desperately trying to find the Shazam app before the track ends. 

By giving hints or examples about customizing the control center, go to settings then click the control center itself. Scroll down to more controls & add any controls that will be adroit at a time’s notice. 

Use back tap for extra iPhone controls

When back tap is enabled, we can set a range of different functions to both a double & a triple finger tap to the back of the phone, kind of like gestures on a trackpad. I use double tap for my torch & triple tap for my camera.

these are both incredibly necessary when I’m operating my phone at odd angles & can’t reach the lock screen icons or the control center is destroyed.

There’s a range of different time-saving & accessibility functions we can put in & we can also combine the feature with shortcuts for even more customization. To enable back tap, open the settings app & tap accessibility. Next tap touch then click back-tap, Whether tap in double or triple to embark the device system to each. 

Magnifier tool for iOS hidden features

We can use the iPhone as a magnifying glass by enabling it in settings > Accessibility > Magnifier. It is one of the unique things in iOS hidden features. Triple-tap the home button (for iPhones with a home button) or the side button (for iPhones without a home button) to make active it quickly.

Disable Face ID for iOS hidden features

Face ID is a quick & secure system of locking an iPhone in most situations. Sometimes having face ID activity can be an inconvenience, so it’s good to know that we can toggle it off with a few quick taps. If the situation becomes unsafe situation, we can disable Face ID so that any would-be attacker can’t get into the iPhone easily. 

nobody & not a stranger, stealer, or even police officer can force us to open the iPhone using Face ID.

There are a few ways to wreck Face ID temporarily, or at least until the iPhone passcode is entered. If we can see the screen, try pressing & holding the side button & one of the two volume buttons. After a few times, the emergency power off-screen will show up. Once that does show, Face ID is disabled till the passcode is entered.

There is another way that takes a bit of setup but is accelerated to do after that. Open settings, tap on Emergency SOS, and toggle the call with the side button switch. On the new segment of iOS, this is already enabled & won’t show in the options.

At any time after that, pressing the side button five times will open the emergency SOS calling screen, which locks Face ID. If we have enough time, we can turn the iPhone off by holding the side & volume buttons long enough to trigger a reboot.

One-handed mode reachability

An iPhone screen has gotten much longer with progression, a problem for shorter fingers. Nobody is buying the smaller iPhones, making Apple remove them from the lineup.

But what users can do when they want to only use one hand, & one finger, to navigate around their devices?

Apple has a built-in feature to be congruent, the user interface of iOS down to fit in the bottom half of the screen, when in portrait orientation. It’s great for clicking the top navigation buttons while one-handed browsing, & it’s called reachability.

Shake to undo for iOS hidden features

It seems exceptional in iOS hidden features that undoing will happen by shaking the device. If we’ve made an error while doing something, we can shake our phone to undo the last activity. It can be enabled/disabled in settings > accessibility > Touch > shake to undo.


Like I said in the beginning, besides Android users there are so many iOS users.

iPhone features are mostly different than typical Android devices & it can be inconvenient for users at the beginning but gradually it’ll become fun.

I’ve never used an iPhone though but I felt just by watching that the camera function is excellent in iOS. 

Coming to the point, if you bring an iPhone to use then these are some brief & vital points in terms of hidden features above you’ll have to concentrate definitely. 

Use & enjoy the iOS hidden features along with every feature.