Windows 11 upgrade guide 

To upgrade the Windows we need the Windows 11 upgrade guide because this is the latest version in the market. Updating Windows has always been an exciting part for users,& to go on we need proper guidance. So today I’m going to talk about it.

Before starting the elaboration of content, I’ve to share that Windows 11 is a brand new & most updated Windows ever, it’ll have new features as it is offering, performance with well-built improvement & a refreshing user interface.

The actual reason behind the Windows updates is that Microsoft has told us that the previous version of Windows (Windows 10) won’t get any new features until it ends facilitation in the next year. So now is the ultimate time to consider upgrading Windows to Windows 11.

Here I’ll give some pivotal guide points by explaining how to upgrade to Windows 11 ;

Check for system requirements

We’ve to make sure the system can hold the requirements for the upgraded version of Windows that we want to upgrade. Microsoft generally provides as little as hardware needs for each version of Windows. 

But before the action, the installation for free update. First, ensure that our current Windows is compatible with the computer. This will be the best way to do that is to run Microsoft PC tools to check the position of the PC. If Windows isn’t being installed on our computer in a previous version, we’ve to go to the Microsoft PC health support site to check. & also for viewing the system necessity & download this.

Checking updates

We must ensure the current Windows version is updated fully before beginning the upgrade process. It helps prevent any compatibility problems & makes sure a smoother transition. Also, this new version (Windows 11) has been accessible as an upgrade & compatible with Windows 10 versions, so the next step is to watch if it’s already obtainable on the PC. 

If I say practically then the procedure would be, that we’ve to go to Settings > Windows update or something then have to click the Check for updates button. If Windows 11 waits, then we can install it without any obstruct as an update. 

The download process

To download the upgraded version first, we’ve to go to the Microsoft website &  download the update tool to renew the version of Windows we want to install.

Apart from that, we can buy a hard copy or download a relevant ISO file. If Windows 11 isn’t showing as an update on the Computer, we can still install Microsoft’s Windows 11 which the installation itself has assisted.

The practical part of this would be to click the download now button on the download side under the Windows 11 installation assistant section. & run the Windows11installationassistant.exe file.

Pursue installation prompts

At the time when installation is processing, we might be prompted to make several decisions, such as choosing the language & location settings, taking the license agreement to ensure & selecting which files & settings to hold. The renewed procedure can take some time, it depends on the computer speed & the version of Windows we’re updating to. We’ve to keep patience & let the installation finish without any obstructions.  

Microsoft Media Creation Tool

It can be another additional option is called the Media Creation tool, which is under Microsoft. This is a program that allows us to create installation media for the newish OS. This is also a convenient procedure, not just to upgrade our current computer, but also to set up the obligate media to upgrade other apparatus too.

It is a little bit long process to do.


By taking the guidance above & also the precautions. That has to be followed, we can ensure a successful update to a brand-new version of Windows while diminishing the data loss or accordance issue risk. If we confront any inconvenient situation with the procedure, we won’t pause to beg assistance from Microsoft or online communities.

& apart from all of these at last I’d like to say that these all are some essential tricks as guidance, which I showed shortly.

Stay happy & enjoy the new version of Windows.