How to speed up the computer

When speed up the computer is concerned about how it’ll run so as fast as it can run then the problem behind that happens to everyone who uses the computer.

When we keep using it without updating it, at a point in time we see that the issue is occurring & it keeps increasing daily. 

Issues can be like loading problems (takes so much time than earlier), then the hang problem when we do anything on it or when we do something suddenly the computer keeps restart automatically & shows the problem simultaneously.

We all want to get rid of it & also want to fix it to speed up.

So now I’m going to share some pivotal tips & tricks about “How to speed up the Computer” 

1. Restart the computer:

Rebooting the computer can help you out to speed it up. It can clear out the RAM & all the temporary files, clearing up system provisions. 

Additionally, a reboot can renew all the processes & applications, perhaps resolving the fundamental issues that can be the reason behind a system slowdown.

2. Delete unnecessary files and applications:

One of the finest ways to speed up a computer is by removing unnecessary files and folders. 

In the end, this can be solved very quickly when the program starts & the performance runs smoothly 

When it’s a better way to improve computer speed, removing primitive files and apps manually can be a cumbersome procedure.

Instead, we can use Total AV to automate the process by identifying & deleting bloatware & needless apps running in the background.
“Total AV” can also help to fix common problems with hardware, software & windows operating systems. 

3. The RUN option:

When we are doing it on the computer, after just starting that on or after all of the work has been done then we can switch to the Start option & then click the “Run” option over there. Then there opens a box with an option to write something.

We have to type Tree or something then we can figure out all the histories that we’ve used earlier. We just have to delete all the files because these are not necessary but rather burdens for a machine, which can also be the cause behind the slow running of the computer.

4. New Windows setup:

Many times new Windows does work for a computer if we install the latest version like Windows 11, it is one of the best ways to speed up the computer.

Speed up the computer

After the new version of Windows arrives, it’ll get the updated version, The PC itself will search latest software as well, which can help to improve the computer’s performance.

5. Updating all drivers:

Each & every part of the device belongs to the computer, whether it be a keyboard, printer, mouse, CPU & printer, etc.

In short, all the required stuff is called a driver to function.

The actual work of drivers is programming how to use all the devices. 

If these drivers are outdated, then gradually it can slow down the computer & obstruct these devices from working fruitfully. 

If this happens, then it should be updated.

6. Add more RAM to the Computer:

Generally, we add RAM to our computer for gaming as all we hear most of the time. However, regarding memory usage, increasing RAM has been the best way to speed up computers for a long time.

If we have any convertible or detachable computers, then we’ll have to make a settlement for what came in the case.

It’s easier to add more RAM to desktop computers, & it’s much more reasonable.

Anyone with a basic conception of a desktop tower’s interior can install more Random Access Memory within an hour. 

So we can also take the computer to the relevant shop to have more RAM for installation. If we worry about the potentiality of the system & doing this wrong, then having comments from someone about what he/she is doing can ease our mind & make adding more memory easy.


In general, there are so many classifications of speed up the computer, but these are some essential & major points for this above so i think you can understand to speed the computer very well. & by appropriate those we can clear all the problem of the computer’s inside & make it very fast.