Excel spreadsheet tips

Excel itself is all of our daily life workspaces, & we need Excel spreadsheet tips for any kind of account or organization which is a pivotal form to do, we make it as a spreadsheet.

Excel isn’t just a space of work, it’s a place where we can enhance productivity, analyze data, or make any decision-making for the whole industry.

In this context, I’ll describe Some very genuine & essential Excel spreadsheet tips & tricks that can help to design the workflow, cultivate data manipulation & make variations to the way of interaction towards spreadsheets. As a result of which we’ll get an Excel-like Pro.

1. Using multiple sheets

Organizing the data using several sheets in a single book, can keep relating all the information together & make it as easy to navigate.

2. Add a drop-down list

Adding a drop-down list won’t only save the number of lines but prevent users from filling up a wrong value as well.

Here I can show you a rapid explanation of how we can insert a list of drop-downs in our Excel sheet.

  1: We have to select all the cells where we want the drop-down arrow to appear.  

  2: When we’re using Excel, we’ll get a tab called Data above the corner, and then we have to click Validation.

3: In this step, we’ll get the field called ‘Allow’ in the Validation criteria. We’ve to select ‘List’ & type the cell source where we’re getting data from to list. However the number according to the column.

3. Import data

While working with a more complicated set of data, it might be obligated to import it rather than copy-paste. We can do this in an Excel file by first clicking on the ‘Data’ tab & then selecting the option to get exterior data.

We can follow the instructions on the screen to gain & import the data from that exterior source in the sheet. 

4. Copy & Paste into multiple cells

 In an Excel spreadsheet, if we want to copy-paste the same data into various cells, we’ve to select these cells to paste the data & add the information to copy into the last cell we’ve already selected.

We also have to click the ‘CTRL’ & ‘Enter’ keys to copy-paste the database from that last cell. Then it fills all the cells that have already been selected.

5. Freeze rows & columns

Sometimes an Excel spreadsheet can be easier to navigate if we input less information into it. To find all the information we need quickly, on the spreadsheet it can be useful to freeze with certainty in terms of rows & columns.

First of all, we’ve to navigate to the row/column on the spreadsheet that we want to freeze. Hereafter we’ll go to the ‘View’ tab & select the ‘freeze panes’ from the certain menu (drop-down).

6. Pivot tables

This table we should be thankful for managing large databases pretty easily. 

They might make a space where we can organize & summarize the chosen rows & columns of data in a spreadsheet or dataset to gain a desired report, seem tricky? 

Alright, it’s easier than we think actually. We’ve to just select the data & go to the ‘insert’ tab then choose the point “Pivotable”. Since here we can drag & set to manage the data just the way we want.

Now your question can be how about the result? The data will work like the phase of lightning to analyze even without a single formula.

7. Power query

The next one is power query, an easy & flexible tool for shaping, cleaning & transforming data. We can make this part as best companion in terms of using Excel, also when it is a work of importing data from external sources, deleting all the components which are not necessary.

For using Power Query, promenade to the ‘Data’ tab then select ‘from another sources’ named ‘Get external data group’.

8. Create a live link

When working on a cost calculation sheet. We’ve separated all the spreadsheets with details of salaries & wages, with fixing & components with variation & we have a sheet to calculate overheads.
We need to have a way to bring all the data together.

Seamlessly we can create a live link within one cell on an already-made worksheet & another cell on a separate worksheet in one document or a separate document follow these steps.

Type ‘=’ on the cell where we want to make the live link & then select the cell with which we’d like to link it.

Press ‘Enter’ to get in, this will make a live link. Any standard that we’re letting entrance in the next cell will automatically be copied on the previous cell. 


It all can seem like random tips & tricks but I want to say these Excel spreadsheet tips above must be essential & core for the students, workers, or even creative liners. They can use these in their daily life & when they’ll become someone big.