Windows 10 tips & tricks

Today I’ll have plenty of discussion about Windows 10 tips & tricks. At the starting point when we download any Windows, we need to know about the tips & tricks of that. So here I’ve brought some pivotal points of Windows 10 tips & tricks.

Before the beginning, I’ll simply define Windows 10 & all about it briefly ;

Windows 10 is a Microsoft operating system for PCs, tablets, embedded devices & Internet-connected devices. It was released in the middle of 2015 in July. The latest version of the Windows operating system for PC. As a follower, it has been succeeding Windows 8. It leaves a significant sign of a departure from the previous version.

windows re-introduced the start menu, mixed Cortana ( Virtual assistant of Microsoft), web browser to the next level, & lastly a host of other features aimed at progressing user experience & productivity. Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will end in October 2025 regarding support.   

Now I will point out some main tips & tricks about Windows 10 that will become easy to have for users. 

Customise Start menu

We’ve to click the right button of the mouse to access the Start menu, then choose the options to customize it. We can resize, rearrange, & group tiles as per our bias. Exploring this part won’t require a high-level degree in computer science, rather it’s a user-friendly look at an easy way. Efficient tricks are possessed to shape the computer atmosphere. Whether we’re searching for a streamlined layout, supreme visual esthetics, or much more intuitional organization of our favorite apps, it’s got us covered.  

Adjust the startup programs

Let’s begin with starting when our PC boots up. Seemingly every program we initiate works its way into activating the PC sideways. Some software, such as the keyboard’s management app or the antivirus, deserves great status. Otherwise not. Each & every program leaps to life when Windows delays the ability to use our system, especially if we haven’t updated to an SSD till now. 

By luck, it’s simple to seize control over which programs launch with Windows. Just press CTRL + Shift + Esc or we’ve to search for the Task Manager to open Windows, then click on the startup tab at the top. There we’ll see all the programs disturbing for a point in the startup promotion, complete along with an estimated influence rating from Down to Up. If we want to turn it off, simply click its listing & select Disable. For sure, doing so means we’ll need to open the program manually to energize it from now on.

Customize the taskbar

Now do start arranging things a bit better. Launching a program pinned to the Windows 10 taskbar is always faster than hunting it down in the Start menu or on the PC. Therefore, we’ll want to populate us with the software & files we use mostly. To confine the program to the taskbar, simply right-click it & select the “Pin to taskbar” option in the context menu that appears. We can do as well that to a program’s icon when it appears in the taskbar after opening it. We can pin repeatedly visited webpages to the taskbar by saving it as a shortcut via the menu, then right-clicking that shortcut on the desktop & selecting that Pin option. 

Folders can only be pinned to the start menu, we can pin specific files to the taskbar. But the process is slightly different, & brings us to our subsequent trick.

Uninstall unnecessary apps & install essentials

Generally, new PCs come with apps we don’t need, including the usual fulfilling & system tools we will never use, which will only waste space on the drive & resources. When raising the system performance, we need to remove those non-essential apps.

To uninstall unnecessary applications on Windows 10, use these simple tricks :

  • Open Settings 
  • Click on Apps 
  • Click on Apps & features
  • Select an app to delete, & last
  • Click the Uninstall button
  • We must click the Uninstall button once again or continue along on-screen directions to complete removing the applications.

After finishing the steps, we might need to repeat the instructions to uninstall the other unnecessary apps from the PC.

On the other hand, Old & faintly designed apps & apps that load non-essential features can negatively affect the PC’s performance. Also, just because an app comes from a company we trust doesn’t mean it’s a good app all the time.

The essential point of the speeches above is that we’ve to install good apps rather than keep unnecessary apps, which keep our PC healthy & genial. Typically we want to install apps available from the Microsoft store or Google because these all have been reviewed for security & performance. If the app is not in the store, only download apps from trusted sources & confirm these work on Windows 10.


Though Windows 10 is not the latest version but rather the previous one, there are so many users of Windows 10 now. & people who are interested in this version yet can follow this Windows 10 tips & tricks.