Optimizing smartphone battery life

Optimizing smartphone battery life is an actual need. Sometimes we forget to put our phone on charge, or our battery keeps draining faster than we expected. We know & we feel that of an empty battery symbol at the top of the screen just like in the corner, & it happens when we need it the most. There is nothing but that optimizing the smartphone battery is core for our daily life.

Batteries have a lifespan, they won’t remain in top form forever. But the good thing is, by adjusting some normal device settings personally, you help to decrease how much we need to charge often.

And we might extend the lifespan of batteries in the long existence.

Here we are getting some major points that we should try to optimize our battery ;

1. Reduce the screen brightness

We all have known using our mobile that if we keep increasing the brightness, the charge will keep going more than average. As per maintaining the charge, lowering the screen’s brightness can save battery in the short term. It also helps to decrease the battery’s whole lifespan.

We can use an alternative way as well, like a step or even two. As long as it doesn’t affect our usability, we’ve to change our background & screensaver as much as possible like darkish. That’s also because the brightness or the colorful images demand much power from the backlight. 

2. Give the phone the night off

This one is a very nice idea in terms of simplicity, Though it can be difficult for many people. One of the best ways to save battery strength & enhance the battery lifespan is to intentionally not use it for a night. Even if we turned on the connection, simply keeping it to a side for a certain time can help.

If we try just once a week then it can make a difference. It will help to decrease carbon emissions data-wise & also can extend the battery life of the phone, which means you’ll need the charge less.

3. Shouldn’t leave the phone on full charge

When we put our phone on charging, as obvious we make sure it is full. Sometimes it is full & sometimes we want to see that it has made sure itself or not. 

If we don’t do that then we have to say that this is the common problem & biggest reason why our phone’s battery lifespans exhaust earlier than the expectation.

For some best batteries, we need to find what we can call the best batteries for our device, & we keep our phone on charge the whole night. For example, Lithium-ion batteries are the fastest & the best batteries in today’s market. It can be the cause of bouncing between the full charge & 1% less, which will be the wasting energy. So charging in a short percentage for the whole day is perhaps the best way to sustain the battery lifespan. 

4. Turn on the power-saving mode

In inordinate times, when the battery fails & goes below 15% called a drastic measure. The power-saving mode on the device is an amazing feature that automatically decreases screen brightness, resolution, and processor speed & shuts the BG network usage. We can set each part of these settings & see a list of the additional battery lifespan that we’ll obtain with each change. 

Turning on the power-saving mode which we find in the battery can optimize it well & the device cares about the settings menu.

On the latest devices like Samsung, there is also an emergency mode found under the settings which we can use for safety & emergency itself. It lets us know the sustainability of the battery several times, Although we’ll only get access to substance apps & features, functions, etc. & location-wise it sends a text to choose the contact so they can watch where we & our phones are. 

5. Turn off data roaming

All the functions throughout the device especially those belonging to the battery-saving portion, we have to just turn off that side. For example, when we are traveling & the phone battery is more important than even the connectivity then we can turn off the data side temporarily. The rapid solution can be that we just turn on the airplane mode even though it obstructs all the services, including Wi-Fi. 


Again I’d like to say that, there are so many classifications & features can have for optimizing our smartphone battery life. But these are some essential points that we can call our daily life routine in terms of device use.